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New Products for 2020/21

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After a successful season last year despite the global circumstances, we introduce some of the exciting new additions to the range.

TripleAction Evolve 15000

The latest addition to our popular Tripleaction range, the larger 15000 Evolve offers a submersible filtration option even for larger goldfish ponds - covering stocked ponds all the way up to 7500l. The unit packs a punch with a 5200lph pump along with a 13w UV to keep green water and algae at bay. Optional Clip-on filters allow for an even greater level of filtration on top.

Solar Fish Feeder 

The Solar Fish Feeder is a new option for pond owners who need their fish to be fed on a regular basis whilst they are away. This unit comes with an integrated 2200mA lithium battery, which will last up to 3 months on a single charge. The feeder is designed with a clear and accurate display with options to change feeding options such as duration, feeding distance and the frequency of feeding. Pellets ranging from 3-10mm are compatible with the unit, ensuring a wide range of food can be used with it, including our own Pondxpert fish food.  


An essential option if you need to refill your pond on a regular basis. This in-line dechlorinator allows you to remove harmful elements such as chlorine and chloramines whilst filling up your pond. The cartridge treats a minimum of 150,000 litres of water. This large capacity unit will last a typical pondkeeper 2-3 years of regular water changes.

Viewtube (Koi Viewing Tower)

A new way to enjoy watching your fish!

As if by magic, fish will swim up through the 40cm tube to wow observers.

Floating Crocodile Head Decoy

A way to spark some interest and have a bit of fun with your pond, this crocodile head can also be used as a heron deterrent as it moves around on the surface of the water.

Other Additions


Other additions include our Koi Pan Net Heads, a new option in our VariNet HD range. We have also added to our planting range with a selection of planting bags in a variety of sizes.

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