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Light Pond Sticks Pond Food 1kg

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Super Lightweight Pond sticks that Float Longer.


These lightweight floating sticks have a lower density than the other foods in our range which has many benefits.

This lighter weight means that they float on the surface for longer.

Lower density makes them easier to 'crumble' in the hand - making smaller pieces for small fish.

It contains 21% protein, vitamins and spiralina to promote strong growth and healthy colourful fish.

Suitable for all fish types.


  • Longer floating time means less wastage.

  • Easier to breakdown in the hand to smaller pieces if necessary.

  • Pond water remains healthier due to less discarded sinking food.

  • Feeding fish come up to the surface for longer.

  • Nutritional analysis: Protein 21%, Oil 3%, Fibre 2.8%, Ash 5%

  • Ingredients: White Rice, soya, maize, maize gluten, wheat germ, fish meal, salmon oil, minerals & vitamins, spirulina.

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